Day 7: RobberyRL is done


RobberyRL is a turn-based platformer roguelike with sneaking and thievery. The game is made in Purescript and it runs on (almost) any modern web browser.

You can play the game here.

Link to Github repository.

On the last day we added more levels and items. You can also now see unseen, but seen before areas in gray. We also added level changing and end for the game.


Day 6: Almost done


Equipment system is done. The player can die now and the guards can die also. We still need to do level changing. The player will be able to escape the map after collecting 50% of the loot and go to a new level. We might add a shop between the levels, where you can buy and sell items.

Day 4: Guards!


Today we added line of sight, path finding, new tiles, guard AI and skills. Guards can be patrolling, standing in one spot, or sleeping. There is a gray question mark above the guard when there is a possibility, that the guard can see you. Yellow question mark means that the guard is suspicious and will investigate. Red exclamation point means alert. Civilians will have the same states, but they will run get to guards when in alert state, instead of chasing the player. We started working on inventory and equipment, but those are still unfinished.

During day 5 we will probably finish inventory and start working on combat and stealth mechanics.

Day 3: Parkour


Not much happened today. We improved jumping and you can now grab a ledge and pull yourself up. The map rendering was rewritten and it supports maps that are bigger than the screen. Next we will implement field of view and add path finding and AI to guards and peasants.

Day 2: Jumping and items


Jumping is done, as you can see from the gif above. The player and the npcs have a speed value, and it determines how often they can act. Falling objects are faster and carrying a lot of weight will slow you down. The game is still turn-based, it advances only when the player moves or does something. The player can only change turn when in free fall, and currently the game does that automatically every 100 milliseconds when falling to make the jumping process a bit faster. Two item types are done, loot items and weapons. Items can also fall down, if there is empty space below them.