Frostlike – 7DRL 2017 announcement


Icy dungeons, cold blizzards and an endless winter. An evil wizard has cursed the world and made it permanently frozen. The only way to break the curse is to defeat the wizard.

Team Kalamakkara will try to create a roguelike game that focuses on cold environments. The player has to fight against monsters and crawl through dungeons, but also keep themselves warm.

The game will be made using Typescript and Purescript.

Github repository:

The development begins at 5.3.2017 20:00 UTC+2 and ends at 12.3.2016 20:00 UTC+2.


dRLacula – Failure

Work and other activities took too much of our time and we did not have enough time to finish the game. Currently it is not even playable in any way, but it was interesting to try how C# and Purescript (interpreted using Clearscript) work together. The repository can be found here:

Day 2: Datatypes and drawing

We took datatypes for tiles and levels from our previous 7DRL game (RobberyRL) and started implementing map drawing. Drawing the map in Purescript turned out to be too slow, so we will have to figure something out to make it faster. The slowness might be due to slow tile drawing and Clearscript not interpreting the resulting Javascript fast enough.

Day 1: A slow start

This day was spent getting stuff to display on screen and optimizing our development workflow.

The game uses MonoGame for drawing and input handling and everything is drawn using shaders that make the game look like it is being played on an old monitor.

The game logic is written in Purescript, which is compiled to Javascript, which is then interpreted in a C# application using Clearscript. I found out that there is a Purescript plugin for Visual Studio Code, so I started using that instead of Sublime Text. I can leave the game running and recompile the Purescript scripts inside Visual Studio Code and the scripts are automatically reloaded in the game.

dRLacula – 7DRL 2016 Announcement

This year Team Kalamakkara will attempt to create a vampire themed roguelike.

dRLacula (working title) is a game where the player is a vampire that lives in a large randomly generated city and the objective is to drink blood from one unsuspecting victim every night and return to your home while avoiding guards and other city folk.

The game will be made using C# and MonoGame.

Github repository:

The development begins at 6.3.2016 18:00 UTC+2 and ends at 13.3.2016 UTC+2.

Day 6: Almost done


Equipment system is done. The player can die now and the guards can die also. We still need to do level changing. The player will be able to escape the map after collecting 50% of the loot and go to a new level. We might add a shop between the levels, where you can buy and sell items.